Gymnastics report

Just a little extra post to report on today’s gymnastics exploits.

The Perfect Bun was still perfect at bedtime this evening. I think she’s got buckley’s of it still being Perfect in the morning too, but she is ever hopeful…

But to the real results of the day…

1st place on Beam! It was a huge improvement on the trial, where Rainbow Girl came 10th against exactly the same cohort. I think all her hard work on improving during the three weeks between the two competitions definitely paid off!

For those who understand anything about these things, you might be as shocked as I was with her beam score: 15.4! I kept thinking they must have transposed the 4 and 5, and that at any minute a correction would be put up on the score board. But it didn’t so it must have been the right score! I believe it was the highest score on any apparatus, for her division, in this competition.

And instead of her goal of 9th place overall, she actually came 6th, meaning she got a medal for that too, as they award the first six places! We are still unsure of her placings for her other apparatus, but they mustn’t have been too bad to come sixth overall. We’ll probably find out on Monday, unless her coach has a list of rankings tomorrow at training.

Her coach was thrilled with her results. She said, “Rainbow Girl (well, she used her name, actually!), do you realise that means you came 1st in the whole state on beam?” Putting it like that, it does sound extremely impressive!

Rainbow Girl was over the moon with her results. We happened to be coming home past her school at about the time that school ended. We dropped in so that she could show off her “competition hair”, leotard, and The Medals to her friends and teachers at the end of the school day. It was very cute to see her looking so proud. Her teacher has requested that she brings back the medals on Monday for special “news”.

So as always, we are shocked by her amazing results. We are as pleased as punch, and very proud parents!

Thanks for indulging me with this very personal but excited post!

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