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Periodically I go to various book-selling websites and check out what people are saying about my books. I had a lovely surprise yesterday when I found three new reviews for The Right-Handed Embroiderer’s Companion on

The most glowing one is from Janet Wright:

Wow!!!! I have finally found the perfect embroidery book. I am ready to throw away or pass along all of my other books. The illustrations are perfect. This is for right handers. Can you believe??? There is another book specifically for left handers, Great purchase.

Then there is also one from Wendy Parry of Australia:

Having read and admired the “Left Handed..” book I was pleased to get the right handed copy. The diagrams are clear and easy to follow and there are stitches that are not in my other stitch-source books.

And finally from Felicia A Siford:

Best book ever for learning stitches. Illustrations simple and directions clear. I have many other books of this type and this one is indeed the best.

Thank you to Janet, Wendy and Felicia for sharing your thoughts on my books with the world!

4 comments to more stitch dictionary reviews

  • I’d second every word of those reviews!

  • yvette

    Thanks Rachel! :D

  • JustGail

    I also agree with those comments. I saw the Left-handed book at a needlework shop I get to rarely, picked it up and put it down several times. Left without it, kicked myself for doing so afterward. Later, I did get the Right-handed book at another shop I get to more frequently. Still kicking myself about not getting the Left-handed book. I finally got back to the other shop many months later – WooHoo! They still had it, I snatched it up with no hesitation this time. These are lovely books!

    Did I mention that I’m not left handed (at least for stitching)?

  • yvette

    That’s lovely to hear Gail. I am glad that you are so happy with BOTH books! Thank you for letting me know. :-)

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