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Firstly, today I want to say a heartfelt thank you to those lovely people who emailed me yesterday or posted a comment to encourage me. I really appreciate the time you took to write to me explaining why what I do has made a difference to your life. It does put things into perspective.

Yesterday I was writing to someone who had been in a difficult medical situation, where something was very wrong, but the medical staff were just dismissing their concerns. Eventually it was happily resolved, but not without a lot of heartache where the people in the situation felt very powerless to help themselves because the people who should have been helping them weren’t.

As I wrote, it seemed to me not a bad description of poverty: the powerlessness of needing help to get out of a situation, and having no way to help oneself to get out. And thinking about poverty also puts my situation in perspective. I am so very blessed by God with all that I have, and it does give a feeling of responsibility to help others who cannot help themselves.

Anyway, moving on from the introspection (for now – I’m never far away from it!)…

Pia's Snow White Mountmellick embroideryThe other day I received an email from Pia in Queensland (which is one of Australia’s states) who recently won second prize in a state-wide competition for a Mountmellick embroidery that she embroidered. The design was an adaption of my design “Snow White” which was featured in Inspirations magazine, issue 62 a little while back. Congratulations Pia, on your beautiful embroidery, and for winning second place! A well deserved result.

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