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Vetty Creations office partial closure: I have been unwell since mid November 2023. Orders are going out, though may be delayed when I'm having a really bad day/days. I respond to enquiries when I am able to. I apologise for this. It’s not what I want either.

Mountmellick embroidery daisy and forget-me-not cushion class with Yvette Stanton

Mountmellick embroidery is a style of floral whitework embroidery from Ireland. It uses white thread on white fabric and a range of knotted and padded stitches to create rich and sumptuous embroidery. The knitted fringe is a traditional edging.

We will be creating a cushion with a pretty design featuring daisies and forget-me-nots. All stitches will be taught in class, and a demonstration of the traditional knitted fringe will be given.

This two day class is suitable even for people who have never tried embroidery before - all skill levels are welcome!

The embroidery stitches will be learned and the cushion embroidery started in class. Cushion construction and knitting will be done in your own time following the class.


Craft Creations Cruise
from Sydney, Australia to Seattle, USA, via South Pacific and Hawaii
22nd April-14th May 2018
More details and bookings:

 Mountmellick embroidery daisy and forget-me-not cushion class

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