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Vetty Creations office partial closure: I have been unwell since mid November 2023. Orders are going out, though may be delayed when I'm having a really bad day/days. I respond to enquiries when I am able to. I apologise for this. It’s not what I want either.

Hardanger biscornu class with Yvette Stanton

Early-style Hardanger is not often seen outside of Norway, but is quite distinct from contemporary Hardanger. This historical style of embroidery has traditionally been used on the women’s clothing in the Hardanger Fjord region, and was designed to emulate needle-made lace of the 1600s and 1700s.

In this class, for intermediate to experienced Hardanger stitchers, we will explore some of the stitches that were used in Hardanger in times past but have fallen out of regular usage. The biscornu will require some accurate satin stitching prior to class so that we can concentrate on the fun pulled and drawn thread work parts in class! The biscornu will not be finished within the class, but full instructions will be provided for its construction. Alternatively you can use your imagination to finish it in any other way that you like.

We will be working on 36 count linen, so make sure you bring appropriate magnification and lighting.


Embroiderers' Guild NSW Summer School
19th-20th January 2018
More details and bookings: 02 9743 2501

Craft Creations Cruise from Sydney, Australia to Seattle, USA, via South Pacific and Hawaii
22nd April-14th May 2018
More details and bookings:

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