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Vetty Creations office partial closure: I have been unwell since mid November 2023. Orders are going out, though may be delayed when I'm having a really bad day/days. I respond to enquiries when I am able to. I apologise for this. It’s not what I want either.

Climbing rose merezhka class with Yvette Stanton

For this class, students use the Climbing Rose Runner from my book Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery, as a starting point. They create their own project using the climbing rose merezhka design, and the number of repeats they require. This allows students to learn the technique while still using their own creativity. Anything from a small bookmark, book cover, lampshade, or a large table runner could be made. Corner treatments are not included in this class, so therefore the bands should only be used in lengths and not around corners.

This class is best suited to students who are confident in counted thread techniques, even if they are merezhka beginners.

Students will need to plan their project before the class, including tacking the bounds of the various areas of the design onto their fabric. Planning can be done via email or phone consultation with me. All students need a copy of the book Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery.


Not currently scheduled.

 Climbing rose merezhka class

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