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Anniken Hardanger runner

Designed by Yvette Stanton

This beautiful Hardanger whitework runner is based on traditional-style Hardanger designs. Traditionally, Hardangersøm (or embroidery from Hardanger) was worked in white thread on white linen. It was worked in long bands, and did not use the buttonhole edge that is so frequently seen on contemporary Hardanger.

The stitches used in this project are traditional Hardanger stitches. Drawn thread bands were often used along the edges of Hardanger, and eyelet clusters were also common. The other stitches (satin stitch, four-sided stitch, needleweaving and cable stitch) remain common in contemporary Hardanger embroidery.

This pattern features detailed step-by-step instructions, with accompanying photographs.

Pattern details

Intermediate/advanced level.

Worked on 25 count linen, with pearl cotton.
Finished design size: 15 x 43cm / 6 x 17in / 152 x 434 threads, worked on 40 x 70cm linen.

Stitches and techniques used:

  • drawn thread bands
  • eyelet clusters
  • satin stitch
  • four-sided stitch
  • needleweaving
  • cable stitch
 Anniken Hardanger runner
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