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Vetty Creations Office Closure: The Vetty Creations office will be closed from Friday 27th October to Monday 20th November as I will be on a teaching tour of the north island of New Zealand. I will attend to all orders and enquiries on my return. I apologise for any inconvenience.

5 inch wooden embroidery hoop

These small, German, beechwood embroidery hoops are beautiful hoops to work with. The hoop is 5 inches or 12.5cm diameter. It is 12mm (1/2 inch) deep, so it isn't a really skinny hoop, and isn't a really deep one either. Because it isn't skinny, it is sturdy and won't flex. Because it isn't a really deep one, it won't hinder you getting to the back of the work as much as a 1 inch deep one would, for a hoop this small.

Being such a small diameter means that you can easily access the hoop even to the middle, when your hand stretches around the side of the hoop. This means you can hand hold the hoop, and still have good access to all parts of your fabric.

In the tightening screw, there is a slot for your screw driver, so that you can really get it tight.

The beechwood is very smooth, which is important because it means your fabric and thread won't snag on the wood.

There are no plastic parts on this hoop, so it will last really well.

This hoop will not work with our embroidery stands, as it does not have the dowel attachment required for the stand. If you need a hoop to go in a stand, please view them here, where we also have the stands available for purchase.

 5 inch wooden embroidery hoop
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