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Vetty Creations office partial closure: I have been unwell since mid November 2023. Orders are going out, though may be delayed when I'm having a really bad day/days. I respond to enquiries when I am able to. I apologise for this. It’s not what I want either.

UPDATE - OFFICE CLOSURE: In what is hopefully not the most ill-advised decision of the year, I am heading to NZ to teach at the ANZEG
conference. I’ll be out of the office from Saturday 13th July, returning Monday 22nd July. Hopefully I’ll be well enough to fill all the orders then.

Reviews of Vetty Creations books

Vetty Creations step-by-step embroidery books The Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion The Right-Handed Embroiderer's Companion Hardanger Filling Stitches Frisian Whitework: Dutch Embroidery from Friesland Smøyg: Pattern Darning from Norway Early Style Hardanger Sardinian Knotted Embroidery Portuguese Whitework: Bullion Embroidery from Guimarães Elegant Hardanger Embroidery Mountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery

Vetty Creations quality step-by-step embroidery books receive great reviews all around the world from magazines, blog and individual readers.

General reviews

I have both your Hardanger book and your Sardinian Knotted embroidery book. I am very impressed with both of them. You figure out where people are going to have problems and tell how to avoid those problems. What is even better, by telling me how to avoid the problems, I am less likely to make mistakes that take more skill to repair than I may possess at the time I am doing basic learning.
You also tell me how to fix those mistakes that I made through carelessness or over confidence in my own ability. I may have to put the work aside for a while before I tackle repairing the problems, but I have a very good instructor sitting at my side and going at my pace when I get around to doing the repair. I truly enjoy the fact that if I follow the directions, I don't have to be very discouraged in my progress as an embroiderer. (I gave up surface embroidery when I had more mistakes than progress and even more mistakes trying to undo the mistakes. I was way, way too frustrated at that time to continue.) You spare me the extreme frustration and help me learn in smaller, more digestible bites.
I have recommended your books to others in the past and will continue to do so. Your explanations have made more sense to me than others have. I look forward to seeing another excellent book come into being from your hands. MH

I have all your books. They deal with more unusual techniques, which I'm always on the lookout for, and your instructions are wonderful. I especially appreciate having both photos and diagrams of the same step in the process and that you break the stitching process into small bites. BG

Reviews of Hardanger Filling Stitches

The Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion


Hardanger Filling Stitches, suitable for beginners and beyond, is essential for your needlework library if you have any interest at all in the various forms and techniques of gridded whitework like Hardanger. It’s superb in every way! Of course, if you’re familiar with Yvette Stanton’s whitework and other embroidery books, you really couldn’t expect anything less.” —Mary Corbet, Needle 'N Thread

“Where was this book 50 years ago when I was learning Hardanger? It is the very best book on the subject, it has each stitch explained and illustrated for both left and right handers and colour coded for the respective hands. The detail is absolutely amazing including a section on why tension matters and the complex tasks of starting and finishing threads beautifully explained and illustrated. I am about to raid my fabric stash to start the sampler. Thank you for a fabulous book!” —Anna

“Well, as far as your new book, let's just say that it took nearly a day to acquaint myself with all the old and new stitches, you've truly outdone yourself. I have always enjoyed the historical aspect to the stitches performed on a project. The introduction read with such detail and the historical photos are priceless! I often wish that I could jump back into time to experience the teachings and to be part of the creations!

But that's where you step in...

Because of your love of the historical and the fine details you present in your books, it truly does feel that one is transported back in time and being taught by the best! That best is you!

Thank you, Yvette, for your expertise in all that you do and continue to do so!” —Charles

“This is a lovely book. Extremely well-researched with easy-to-read diagrams and explanations, plus that rarity of left and right-handed instructions, coming from someone who truly understands left-handed needlework. I have a few of Yvette's books now and find them absolutely excellent. I was amazed at the incredibly quick turnaround time from book completion to publication. Congratulations Yvette, on this latest book, hold your head high on an excellent achievement.” —Ann

“The book is absolutely beautiful - so well-written and clearly presented. Sooooo many filling stitches that are new to me and so many clever variations on some stitches that are familiar, and the usual wonderful hints and tips from the master (mistress?) of difficult stitches! I look forward to working the sampler you have so thoughtfully and beautifully created, but I'm afraid I'm going to have to rebel a little. My version will probably be in a lovely pastel colour rather than white. Don't send the stitching police around! LOL! I'm sure my local Guild members will get a lot of use out of the copy I ordered for our already-extensive library, so your book will be a wonderful resource for a lot of people as well as me personally.” —Catherine

“It’s such an invaluable resource for all hardanger enthusiasts. It’s so well laid out not only for left and right hand stitchers, it’s also colour coded so it’s easy to follow. Wonderful diagrams and photos of so many beautiful stitches.” —Janet

“I got my Hardanger Filling Stitches Book delivered!!!! What a FANTASTIC book!!!! The quality of the book is GREAT!!! So many filling stitches, all with very clear pictures and instructions. You did a Wonderful job with this book, such a great reference book!!! I have read through it twice, need to start planning my next Hardanger project!! Thank you for writing such a complete book, easy to see and read!!!!! LOVE IT!!!!” —Margaret

“Your beautiful book has arrived. Thank you for signing the book - it makes it extra special. Just reading the 'Foundation for fillings' section answered a lot of questions I had on starting and finishing threads, as well as what to do after making a cutting error (apart from curling up into a ball and gently rocking in a corner of the room). The stitch diagrams and instructions are clear and concise - giving me the confidence to make a start on the sampler and try them out. The picture of the finished sampler is gorgeous; and if I can achieve something approximating your photograph, I'll be very happy. Thanks again and congratulations on writing a marvellous book.” —Amanda

“It has to be your biggest book yet! I was not expecting the thickness of the book, and when I skimmed through it. Wow. I especially love the pictorial index at the back. This is going to take a while to digest, but I’m glad you put a hardanger sampler in there as a project!” —Jana

“Fantastic book for all levels. Pictures and instructions are very clear. A book that I will constantly use and reference. Thank you Yvette for all the time and dedication you have put into this book.” —Anne

“This book is outstanding. The instructions are so clear and precise. I think this may be my favourite. This book is an absolute winner.” —Marette

“My magnificent book arrived this morning and ohhhh so worth the wait. Congratulations Yvette, you have done it again.” —Louisah

“Libro Hardanger arrivato è stupendo!!!!” —Miranda

“I purchased the book and it is worth every penny! I have been stitching Hardanger for years and yet this book has taught me so many things I didn’t know. Thanks Yvette!!” —Linda

“Oh! This book is in my hand and they are trembling. Such fine work that I’ve never seen. It’s definitely a collectors copy and hopefully one day I’ll be brave enough to try those stitches out. Yvette is such a detailed author. With instructions and color coding and page coding for left and right hand stitchers, if I don’t stitch an hardanger piece now, I don’t know what else will make me dig into starting one. Such a labor of hard work, sweat and love that you’ve poured into making this book is clearly visible in every page!! Thank you for making this masterpiece.” —Akshay

“Schitterend boek, heel blij mee, blz 42 is het zo duidelijk gemaakt , te los, te strak,ongelijk, en zo hoort het eruit te zien. Rechts en links, super aankoop.” —Elly

“All that I can say is thank you so much. This tome is a delight to peruse and how it is configured sets the gold standard for left vs right stitchers, any stitch dictionary and project books! So much appreciation of your efforts.” —Nancy

“Received mine yesterday and was thrilled to see how many pages it has. So many stitches I'd never seen and have been doing Hardanger for many many years. As always Yvette it's perfect. Clear, complete, with a wonderful project. Congratulations and Thank You for sharing your amazing talent with us all!!!” —Paula

“I have just been using your new book Yvette. Have been doing Hardanger for a few years but am learning new tips and my work is looking neater.” —Sheila

“I wanted to take a moment to express my deepest gratitude to you for your incredible book supporting left-handed embroiderers. After years of feeling discouraged and believing I would never be able to achieve anything similar to the work my mother and sister made, your book has truly been a beacon of hope and inspiration for me. Just recently, I completed my first rosette [Hardanger filling], and the feeling of accomplishment is indescribable. Your dedication to inclusivity and providing resources for left-handed individuals like myself is truly commendable. Thank you for not only teaching me the skills of embroidery but also instilling in me the belief that I can achieve greatness in this craft despite any perceived limitations. Your work has had a profound impact on my life, and for that, I am incredibly grateful.” —Sharon

Reviews of Frisian Whitework: Dutch Embroidery from Friesland

The Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion


"Yvette’s wonderful new publication is a must for all enthusiasts of counted whitework and indeed of traditional counted embroidery. This wonderful in-depth study of a little-known historical technique, does important work to increase its prominence and ensure its survival for generations to come. Yvette’s attention to detail, as always, is superb, with a hugely comprehensive stitch glossary presented with crisp, clear diagrams, and with invaluable adaptions for both for the left- and right-handed embroiderer. The projects are fresh and inspiring but also practical, including delicate pendants and a needlecase, though to a glorious cushion displaying the intricate frosted lace quality of the earliest Frisian pieces." —Jenny Adin-Christie

"I'm so excited about Yvette's new book on Frisian whitework! When it comes to learning and honing skills in specific (and sometimes obscure) embroidery techniques from around the world, Yvette is one of the best authors you'll find. Her newest offering is another gem in her ever-expanding crown of instructive embroidery books. From the unique history behind the techniques of Frisian whitework,
to the detailed, clear instruction reinforced with pristine, gorgeous projects, this book does not disappoint! You're going to love it!" —Mary Corbet,

Reviews of Smøyg: Pattern Darning from Norway

The Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion


"Smøyg is an old embroidery technique dating back at least to the Vikings. It is called pattern darning in English. This book details the history of the technique, and also describes how the techniques were used on different textile pieces and clothing. There are few written sources describing smøyg, and this book is going to bring joy to many Norwegian embroiderers, who have been looking for material on this technique. It is still used in the traditional local clothing, or bunads, that are used for special occasions.
Yvette Stanton has done an impressive job with researching this technique, and presenting her finds in an admirable way. She sorts and defines different aspects of the technique and patterns. She outlines possible projects using smøyg, in addition to instructive explanations of the different stitches. A book to enjoy and learn from, answering most questions that can arise concerning smøyg. Thank you Yvette, for making such a stupendous book!" —Kari-Anne Pedersen, Curator of Costumes and Textiles, Norsk Folkemuseum, Oslo, Norway.

"Finally, a long awaited book about the embroidery technique, smøyg. It is both a beautiful and educational 'step by step' book. In addition to showing a number of examples of garment types where the smøyg technique has been used, and is still used, in Norway, the book also contains a lot of patterns and illustrations to use in both bunads and other textile works.
The illustrations are very easy to follow. In the last part of the book Yvette shows a lot of examples using different fabrics, embroidery yarns and needles for the same pattern. This is also very useful information.
If you have not embroidered smøyg before, you will want to read this book!" —Heidi Fossnes, author of ‘Bunad’ magazine, Norway.

"I’m so excited to see Yvette’s newest addition to her ever-growing collection of excellent instructional and project books! Smøyg, a traditional technique hailing from Norway, is sure to appeal to needleworkers around the globe who love historical techniques, folk embroidery, colorful stitchery, and counted work. As always, Yvette’s approach to instruction is clear, concise, and easy to follow, making the array of gorgeous projects in this latest volume accessible to beginners and beyond. Beautiful techniques, great history, fun projects, and thorough instruction – what more could any stitcher want?" —Mary Corbet,

"When one of Yvette Stanton's book drops into my letter box, I know that I am in expert hands. She is my number one world embroidery lady. We are all in for a treat. Yvette's guides to traditional embroidery are superb. Discover the colourful world of Norwegian pattern darning - Smoyg. Find historical photos, learn the stitches and techniques and 13 original projects to hone your skills. In her third book on Norwegian embroidery, Yvette shines a light on the subject of folk embroidery. This educational book offers clear and concise step-by-step instructions, inviting you into the charming world of this traditional technique. Yvette simply gives the best charted designs I have ever seen in any book. See the variations of Smoyg, where it hails from, its history and forms. Learn the motifs and fabrics to use for authentic smoyg. See how to use them in useful and practical projects - a jewellery bag, needlecase, table runner, pendants, band sampler, bookmarks, hanging ornament, table centre, cushion, shirt collar, framed square and scissor keep. An exciting array of projects to appeal to everyone. I think I will start by making the colourful band sampler - it is my favourite project. I am quite tempted by the thought of hanging ornaments too. There is also a guide to thread and fabric compatibility and a pattern sheet. Highly recommended - this year's must buy embroidery book."—Karen Platt

"This book is a little gem! It has a bit of everything, from history to projects you can actually do (and some small ones for instant gratification or last minute gifts, to very detailed tutorials. But those are elements that I would expect from a great craft book. Where I think this one goes one step further is the fabric and thread compatibility guide at the end of the book. With all crafts it takes time trial and error to discover those things and the guide saves you from a lot of frustration!"—Sofia Komninou

"Ok so to be honest I had never heard of Smoyg, but i am always looking for new ways of darning and embroidery so I was thrilled to receive this book. I spent ages just reading about the history of Norwegian darning and looking at the various patterns and guides to stitches and techniques. There are 13 beautiful embroidered projects using bright colours and various designs. The step by step instructions make it so easy to follow and there is even informative parts telling you what problems you may have along the way. I am not experienced and did initially find it all a bit daunting, but I must say i have just completed my first project and it is perfect. I would highly recommend."—A Tinkler

Reviews of Early-Style Hardanger: Traditional Norwegian Whitework Embroidery

The Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion


“The interest for Hardanger goes far beyond the Norwegian borders and has spread world wide from the Hardangerfjord region where it once emerged. In this book, Yvette Stanton shows you the secrets and details from this unique tradition. Early-Style Hardanger is a must for everyone who is interested in the historic roots of embroidery.” — Agnete Sivertsen, Director, Hardanger Folk Museum and teacher of traditional Hardanger embroidery

“It’s not just a beautiful book: it is clear, thorough and inspiring. Shame it doesn’t come with a holiday in Norway tucked into the back cover with the pattern sheets, I would love to be drifting down a fjord right now, but that might make the book just a little too expensive!” — SJ, UK

“I received my book today and WOW. It's awesome!! The pages comparing old and new are eye-openers. Add the history, projects, and the stitches, WOW. I LOVE your new book! I'm glad I ordered it and have it to drool over before I decide what to make first. Maybe I'll start with the biscornu and then go for the square mat...” — Jana, USA

Review extract (read the rest here): “I’ve been waiting eagerly for Yvette Stanton’s new book Early Style Hardanger since I first read about it as a work in progress, on her blog, White Threads. It sounded right up my street: firmly focused on the traditional Norwegian whitework technique rather than any modern interpretations. I’m delighted to say that the book lives up to my expectations. It’s a substantial paperback: neat layout, enticing photographs, clear typography, copious step-by-step diagrams and charts. If I had to sum up the contents in one word, it would be ‘thorough’ – it’s one of the most in-depth single-subject embroidery books that I have seen.” —Sue, Tortoise Loft, UK

Review extract (read the rest here): “I have been eagerly awaiting delivery of Yvette Stanton’s new book “Early Style Hardanger” since its publication was announced, and I have not been disappointed. This is a must have book for a needleworker’s library. Normally I dip into books but I have been totally enthralled from the 1st to the 160th page, all of which are packed with over 1500 colour photos and diagrams.” —Nicola, Hands Across the Sea Samplers, UK

“I'm so excited, I just received. Thank you Yvette Stanton, it's perfect, I want to do everything 😍😍” – Silvia, Costa Rica

“I LOVE it!!! I am going to show it to my mum (from Hardanger, learned hardanger-stitching from her mum who was taught by her mum...), she doesn't like reading English, but she doesn't really need to read with those illustrations! -I am just going to keep it for myself for a while first. :-D Kudos! Excellent work! *Happy!*” – Iris, Norway

“I have just received my copy of your book and have been enjoying poring over all the photographs. I love the comparison gallery showing the differences between early and contemporary Hardanger. Also, I have seen embroideries with drawn thread borders, but I hadn’t realised they were a feature of early style Hardanger. That was a revelation! Thanks Yvette!” – Kathryn, UK

“It’s a beautiful book and so well thought out, I love the way it looks... such an interesting read.” – Deborah, UK

Reviews of The Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion

The Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion


The LH Stitch Dictionary is proving to be so very helpful. I refer to it almost daily, and am always impressed with the precision of your instructions. They are so clearly stated that it is impossible to stitch incorrectly. It is an invaluable reference book and am so delighted to have it nearby. SB, France

Congratulations on your latest book! I bought it for my Mom who wants to know where you've been all her life. She keeps it beside her on the couch where she is stitching a Victoria Sampler piece and said to thank you VERY much. JR, Canada

Now here's a five star author and embroiderer, all of whose books you should own. I do. This is the first time in my life I have wanted to be left-handed. Unfortunately, I'm not. As right handers we can have fun flipping the instructions. This is a superb dictionary for all embroiderers, so don't miss out. As with all Yvette's books it has superb attention to detail. This has just become my number one embroidery book. This is a book you can judge by its cover, it won't let you down. Karen Platt, UK

Just thought I'd let you know I found your LH Companion at the London Bead Company and bought it. Its wonderful and just looking at the instructions I could follow them straight away. Unless you are left-handed its difficult to explain to folk just how hard it can be to have to constantly turn everything round in your mind, for someone who is bordering dyslexic its a nightmare. RM, England

My copy arrived yesterday. Am so thrilled to have pictures that show the needle pointing to the right (and not the left). The illustrations demonstrating finger positions etc. will be most helpful. Thank you. YD, QLD Australia

Excerpt: It is an amazing stitch dictionary that I know left-handers especially will appreciate because they've waited a long time for a book written for them with this kind of quality content. But it is not limited to left-handed stitchers. As a right-handed stitcher, I am certain this is going to be one of my "go to" reference books for stitches. Furthermore, as a teacher, I know it will be invaluable in the classroom and at workshops for instructing lefties! Mary Corbet of Needle'nThread

For years I had a hard time embroidering and set it aside because it was confusing and frustrating to embroider right handed. I bought Yvette Stanton's "Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion" and fell in love again with embroidery. Now I don't feel frustrated. Joy Smith

Great book to have in a how to library - I've had to adapt right handed embroidery instructions over the years to left handed, or embroider right handed - finally a book that shows me. Awesome! M. LeMay

I am a left-hander so I naturally bought the left-handed version as soon as it came out. But, being a designer and a teacher I also bought the right-handed version to use in class - the diagrams and instructions are wonderful, and sometimes when I've been teaching for two days straight my brain needs a little help in the 'explaining a stitch' department, and Yvette's books are the ones I reach for.
It is with great joy I read your review as just yesterday I taught my daughter-in-law how to cross-stitch. She's right-handed so the first book I grabbed out of my bookcase was the right-handed version and gifted it to her straight away. I suggested that once she felt confident with her cross-stitching, this book would help her explore the wonderful world of needlework.
I'll be contacting Yvette this week to buy a replacement copy for my reference library. Janie Hubble, Australia

I saw the Left-handed book at a needlework shop I get to rarely, picked it up and put it down several times. Left without it, kicked myself for doing so afterward. Later, I did get the Right-handed book at another shop I get to more frequently. Still kicking myself about not getting the Left-handed book. I finally got back to the other shop many months later - WooHoo! I snatched it up with no hesitation this time. These are lovely books! Did I mention that I’m not left handed (at least for stitching)? Gail

Now that I use the The Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion I am also loved by the lefties even being a right handed teacher! To avoid problems I keep both books in the classroom - really great books! Paula, Brazil

Excerpt: As a left-hander, learning how to do some of the more complex stitches is not as simple as just 'flipping' the diagrams and substituting right for left. Well, this book provides clearly defined steps for a great number of stitches with very detailed diagramming. Judy Rogers and Jill Wilensky, Amy's Golden Strand

The Left-Handed Embroiderer’s Companion truly is my companion and for obvious reasons: all other books have diagrams for right handed stitchers so this book is my first choice to learn stitches from. It has very, very clear diagrams of the stitches too. Nicole, Follow the White Bunny

As a left-hander myself, I was very interested to see if this book would improve the constant struggle with learning and implementing new stitches that is present in a world of right-handed instructions. It is a colourful and comprehensive stitch dictionary of 170 stitches, with step-by-step instructions, full descriptions and photographs of the finished stitches (so that you can see how they are supposed to look, and other stitches they go well with). I had a go at a few stitches, armed with stitch books that I have used up until now when needing to tackle a new stitch. I used both to compare the instructions. I was very impressed with the clarity of instruction and the detail given. I found it very easy to create new stitches and was impressed at how well they turned out (especially compared to my attempts following my other books). The book is far superior to my existing 'stitch bibles' (which are admittedly from the 1960s) because it contains many more stitches, the visuals are clearer, and you are able to see each step of the way without necessarily having to read the instructions (not always easy mid-stitch). The number of stitches contained in this book also exceeds the selection of either of my older books, so as it stands, it's a great reference book on many levels. And as it's targeted at left-handers, that's an added bonus. Workshop On The Web

This is the book that all left-handed embroiderers have been waiting for. Containing step-by-step stitch instructions, it has been written specially by a left-hander for left-handers. It explains, clearly and simply together with diagrams, how to stitch over 170 different stitches, including some unusual stitches such as nun stitch, parma stitch, spiral trellis and Breton stitch. Right-handers needn't feel left out as there is a right-handed version for each stitch too. A stitch dictionary for left-handed embroiderers is long overdue - but this one was worth the wait. Stitch with the Embroiderers' Guild

The trouble with most embroidery books is that all the diagrams are for right-handed people. Here at last is a book filled with diagrams for over 170 different stitches that left-handers can use without the aid of a mirror. It's a simple enough idea, but how useful. I am amazed that I have not seen another book like this before, but I haven't. All the diagrams are in color too, which avoids the problem a lot of black and white diagrams have which show threads - often they look like a bowl of spaghetti or mazes in a puzzle book. Every stitch has several captioned diagrams which also avoids the problem of having to guess what happens between one part of the stitch and the other. There is certainly an impressive list of stitches, many of which I have not previously encountered myself and which had me wishing for a companion volume for right-handers. Each stitch also has a small photograph of a piece of embroidery showing the relevant stitch which is useful, plus a few hints of what the stitch is used for. Variations are shown too, with diagrams on how to achieve this alternative look, as well as a page of instructions for starting and finishing work and tying knots. What you won't find are any patterns which is perhaps a pity, but there are many other books which have these. If you or somebody you know is left-handed and keen on embroidery then this is the book for them. Rachel A Hyde,

Are you frustrated by right-handed embroidery instructions, by having to mentally flip them over, use a mirror or substitute the right for left in all instructions? Here is the very solution to the problem as written by a left-handed teacher. The text gives clear step-by-step instructions and illustrates how to do over 170 stitches comfortably and sensibly for the left handed stitcher, using the method which has obviously been tried and tested by a proficient left-handed embroiderer. Fabrications

"I've packaged myself up in a book so that all left-handed stitchers can have their own left-handed teacher." Thus embroidery instructor Yvette Stanton introduces fellow lefties to her consummate guide to mastering 75 embroidery stitches in 170 variations. Not simply a set of directions for flipping stitch diagrams from left to right, the Companion includes guidance on how to hold the needle comfortably, turn the fabric to its best advantage, choose needles and thread, and much more. Full-color photographs, clear and concise text, and step-by-step color illustrations make stitch instructions easy to follow. This classroom-in-a-book is bound to be the embroidery reference that left-handed embroiderers will want to keep close at hand - the left-hand! Piecework

Realising the deficit in diagrams explaining stitches for left-handers, Yvette has created this comprehensive stitch dictionary... The range of stitches is astounding with over 170 included in the book... The Left-Handed Embroiderer's Companion by Yvette Stanton is an excellent reference for embroiderers and invaluable to anyone who teaches embroidery classes.Mary Hickmott's New Stitches

I am so delighted with the care and attention to detail present in this book. It’s beautiful, but very practical. With it I feel more confident to try stitches and techniques that have eluded me in the past... For every stitch I know I checked the instructions and they were exactly the way I do these stitches. I also checked several of the stitches against the ones in The Embroidery Stitch Bible and, sure enough, the illustrations in that book matched the right-handed illustrations in Stanton's book. Janet M Perry, Nuts About Needlepoint

Every time a new embroidery book is published, a huge collective sigh of disappointment emerges from that most neglected group of embroiderers; the left-handers. This book should put a big smile on their faces as it has been written specifically for that 10% of the population. Susan O'Connor, Inspirations

I wish I was left-handed, no really I do. This book; 'The left handed embroiderer's companion' by Yvette Stanton is a BRILLIANT stitch dictionary. The illustrations are crystal clear and interspersed with peeks of contemporary embroidery illustrating the stitches... Jennyflowerblue

I recently obtained three of your books from Nordic Needle here in the US. The Left Handed Embroiderer’s Companion is unbelievable!!! It just makes all these stitches seem SO easy. My goal is to do a swatch for each stitch. I also purchased Mountmellick Embroidery which I have never tried but have always loved. As it happens, a friend is off to Ireland on Thursday so I'm giving her a small list to see if she can pick up a few supplies. Thanks so much for your wonderful books. PS The other book - Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery - also fabulous! Elizabeth K

Other embroidery books MIGHT have a section for left handed embroiderers, but usually only basic stitches are presented. This book is a treasure trove of stitches that we left handed stitchers can now learn to do the correct way. It is the best embroidery book that I own. The steps are all pictured clearly and are easy to follow. THANK YOU Yvette Stanton for recognizing the need and creating this embroiderer's bible. W.S. Massachusetts

This is the absolute best instructional book I have ever seen. The pictures are so clear and easy to follow, as well as the written directions. Jen

I get it! No more confusing translations from right to left hand. Even the very complicated stitches are crystal clear! Where has this book been all my life? If you are a lefty, you owe it to yourself to get this book. M. Dilworth

Every page has detailed visuals to assist a left-hander with understanding how to make and perfect a voluminous number of embroidery stitches, from basic to more complex. It's a wonderful book! L. Chiovare

I'm a lifelong lefty who wasn't forced to use my right hand for anything. I taught myself to knit, lefty style. That means I have trouble with patterns because "k2tog" looks different if a left hander does it. I didn't want to try the self-teaching method with embroidery. BTW, I bought this book to teach me just a couple of embroidery stitches... I'm hand-sewing some of Natalie Chanin's awesome garments. This book not only taught me the stitches I needed, it gave me a gazillion ideas for things I'd love to be able to do if I had any time. The photos and drawings are great - pretty colors, on nice paper, and the images are LARGE so you can see what you're doing and follow along. I strongly recommend this book. V. Treitler, New Jersey

Being left-handed, and an avid stitcher, this is just what I need. This book gives excellent, diagrammed instruction. I wish i had gotten it years ago. I recommend this book to every left-handed embroiderer/ cross stitcher who are tired of trying to translate right-handed instructions to suit lefties. E. Toy

I am so glad I found this book. It used to be so frustrating to try and figure out right handed embroidery stitches. This book has every kind of stitch for embroidery you can think of for lefties. It truly is my companion. Lynette, TX

I purchase this for a friend who has had many problems over the years trying to produce neat embroidery stitches. She wishes it had been published ages ago as she feels she can now move on and do some more advanced stitchery. A great purchase. S. Mcbreen

I am a self taught embroiderer of about 30 years, I have struggled with instructions for as long as I can remember, thinking it was the step by step instruction illustrations that were bad - never attributing my difficulty to the fact I was trying to follow them as a left hander. I have old books, new books, all kinds! I have recently embarked on a contemporary textiles degree, so came across this book while browsing, and would not have bought it, but after reading the reviews on Amazon decided it might be a good idea to take a look. From the second I opened it (er...perhaps it could have been printed back to front to complete the ease of use!) I have fallen in love with it! As I looked at the instructions and illustrations it all became clear, almost like a veil being lifted! Loads of stitches I have never heard of - all looking very do-able! My fingers are itching to make a start. I can see this book being very well used in the future! Kath, Lancashire, England

I love everything about this book. It is clearly illustrated and there is a host of stitches presented. If you love to embroider or would like to start and you are left handed this book is absolutely worth having in your library. I wish I had had it years ago. Dianne J Ritter

This book has beautiful diagrams of each stitch. Lots of variations are shown, too. It has quite a comprehensive list. I was intrigued to note that Stanton does not simply recommend making the stitches in "mirror image" of right-handed stitches. I would definitely recommend the book.

You know how the stitch books sometimes show 2 or 3 or 5 diagrams to describe the stitch, then choose one of them and put a mirror version down in the corner of the page "for left-handers". Well, I had a real laugh when I saw that same little diagram down in the corner "for right-handers". It does make sense though. It is a reminder for a right-handed mom or grandma who might be teaching a young stitcher. Judy McMullan, Ontario, Canada

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Reviews of The Right-Handed Embroiderer's Companion

The Right-Handed Embroiderer's Companion


I've been doing needlework of all types for more than 40 years and this is the best all around handbook I've ever seen. Details are wonderful and it even has a diagram for a lefty. Claire Nardone

The Right-Handed Embroiderer's Companion is exactly what the title promises it to be - a faithful companion for the embroiderer, just waiting to help you create the perfect stitch... It won't leave you wondering; it won't leave you confused about even the more complex stitches. There are plenty of 'diagram' stitch dictionaries out there that are 'ok' - but they aren't this thorough. Usually, diagrams only show the placement of the thread at the main points of movement in the stitch. This book goes well beyond that type of diagram, mapping every bit of the stitch out for you. So it's a great stitch dictionary for beginners and beyond. Mary Corbet,

While I put other stitch-how-to books back on the shelf, The Right Handed Embroiderer's Companion is near at hand all the time. It certainly is one of the best gifts that I have bought for myself. Sew Susie

Wow!!!! I have finally found the perfect embroidery book. I am ready to throw away or pass along all of my other books. The illustrations are perfect. This is for right handers. Can you believe??? There is another book specifically for left handers, Great purchase. Janet Wright

Best book ever for learning stitches. Illustrations simple and directions clear. I have many other books of this type and this one is indeed the best. Felicia A Siford

Having read and admired the 'Left Handed...' book I was pleased to get the right handed copy. The diagrams are clear and easy to follow and there are stitches that are not in my other stitch-source books. Wendy Parry, Australia

I have spent a few morning coffee breaks with this book in my lap and am enthralled. There is something about a new book that thrills me to my toes. As I flip through these beautifully diagrammed pages my ideas run rampant. Amy Bunger, Amy's Golden Strand

These books are exceptionally clear in their directions and stitches are shown worked in all sorts of different ways and in sample to really give inspiration for their use. I am finding this book invaluable in my City and Guilds stitch samples. I have already got a few stitch dictionaries in my library, including the classics, but this is my first choice now as it is so bright and light and well indexed. Jennyflowerblue

As with all Yvette's books it has superb attention to detail... This has just become my number one embroidery book. Karen Platt, UK

This is an essential guide for all embroiderers from beginners to experienced. The diagrams are really clear and along with the clearly written instructions it is almost as good as having one-to-one tuition. Acon 'Crafter'

This book has great pictures and instructions for the right handed embroiderer. I use it all the time. if I lost this book, I would have to buy another one. Pam G. Hadfield

This is an excellent book for those looking for detailed how to on stitches. It covers step by step how to with photos for every stitch in the book. This book is long overdue for those trying to learn how to do a stitch using other books that only offer 1 or 2 pictures. It's great that the author designed a book for those who are right handed and a separate book for those who are left handed. You will also find stitches that you don't normally see in other books. Kathy I Brown

If you're looking for a book that gives you easy to follow diagrams of stitches then this is it. Perfect. Eleanor Cordiner

This book was given first as a gift to me. I then bought it to give to my needlework school as it was amazing. I think it is the best book on the market for this subject. I use it frequently. Instructions are clear. Excellent pictures. For anyone who does needlework this is an absolute must. Linda Ingham

I have a copy of the Right Handed Embroiderers Companion, which I bought largely because one can never have too many stitch dictionaries, but which has now become my go-to for trickier stitches. Furthermore I have bought a copy for a friend, and when I see someone looking at it at a show, I always say that I find it really useful! RW

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Reviews of Sardinian Knotted Embroidery: Whitework from Teulada

Sardinian Knotted Embroidery: Whitework from Teulada


Sardinian Knotted Embroidery by Yvette Stanton is a delightfully thorough voyage into the world of a little-known Italian needlework technique native to a small area on the island of Sardinia. This terrific manual takes you through the history and particulars and guides you every step of the way through the projects which range from beginner to expert skill levels (you'll want to stitch them all!) giving tips and tricks along the way, letting you know what to look out for and helping you through common mistakes.

Yvette includes finishing instructions for all her lovely projects both small and large including advice on materials, care, stretching and washing. Stitch diagrams are clear and concise and she has gone the extra mile and included separate step-by-step instructions for left-handed stitchers!

Grab your passport and explore this embroidery without fear as Yvette is with you every step of the way. She has anticipated your doubts and worries and addresses them all to give you the confidence to complete every exquisite project in this book making it an extremely enjoyable embroidery trip. Jeanine Robertson, Italian Needlework blog

The fifth in a collection of exquisite whitework embroidery books, Sardinian Knotted Embroidery is another Must-Have for your needlework library! Yvette has an amazing talent for reviving and promoting obscure whitework embroidery techniques through her insightful research, careful instruction, and beautifully planned and executed embroidery projects.

Sardinian Knotted Embroidery is a whitework enthusiast's dream book - within its pages, you'll find everything you need to know to add Sardinian whitework to your stitching repertoire. From colorful history and cultural information, to clear and detailed instruction, to a range of splendid projects, it's all here! And it's all presented in Yvette's friendly style, so it's easy to read and easy to digest. Treat yourself to this book - you'll be so happy you did! Mary Corbet,

The reasons I love your book:
- You bring a new cultural experience to the rest of us. Your sharing of the techniques and patterns helps me appreciate the region and encourages me to learn more about the people.
- I very much like the organization of the book. After some history, you start with the projects first and not with the how-to instructions. This encouraged my participation sooner rather than later. When the instructions are listed first, sometimes I feel like I must practice first. The organization of the book encouraged me to jump right in to the first beginner project.
- With each project, you indicate what needs to be done and the corresponding page number showing how to do it. Can I mention how helpful this is to a beginner!
- Your instructions are very clear as are your photographs. As a visual learner, it has made the learning process easier.
With half of the first project done, I feel very motivated to continue with other projects or to create my own in the future. Thanks Yvette! Robert

I received your latest book for my birthday! Instead of just drooling over the pictures as I have done with the Portuguese one, I decided to MAKE A START!!
Well, doing the edging first before the embroidery is such a great thing to do. I do have quite a few nearly finished pieces of embroidery... which languish nearly finished for years... I am really enjoying the antique hemstitch and started the second circuit of 4-sided stitch today. It is SO meditative, I'm feeling quite relaxed after a stressful week. I am rapt that I have mastered mitred corners, yours is the best explanation of how to do this. The book was worth getting just for that! I also really like how you always describe how to add new threads, I don't remember many books where they help you with this.
Anyway, thank you for all your hard work, it's so much appreciated. Julie in Melbourne

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Reviews of Portuguese Whitework: Bullion Embroidery from Guimarães

Portuguese Whitework: Bullion Embroidery from Guimarães


Everything is clearly explained. The acid test for me is how well an author explains the dreaded bullion knot as many stitchers really fear this stitch. Not only does Yvette Stanton explain how to work them clearly she also trouble shoots problems like lumpy bullions and tapered bullions. I can't stress enough how well explained everything is. Sharon Boggon,

Yvette's book looks great. As well as being beautifully presented this compilation about 'Portuguese Whitework: Bullion Embroidery from Guimarães' as a traditional needlework style, with information on its origin and instructional details on stitch techniques, is an important preservation of history. As time passes more of the intended original expression and knowledge of early needleworkers, and other information about the art style is lost, then sadly, remaining historical examples are misidentified or just lumped as whitework. Yvette brought us back to Mountmellick embroidery and now another whitework treasure. Lots of work done with love. Well done. I love it too. Thanks! Louisa

Well, here it is! Yvette Stanton's new hand embroidery book, 'Portuguese Whitework: Bullion Embroidery from Guimarães' is out and available. And golly! It is beautiful!

If you're familiar with Yvette's other books on various types of lesser-known, beautiful whitework techniques, you won't be surprised that this one is superb. I have to say, though, out of all her whitework books, so far, this one is my favorite. Perhaps it's because her books just keep getting better and better, or maybe it's because I have an affinity for the combination of drawn thread embroidery and surface embroidery. Guimarães embroidery just does this combination so well!

...Yvette takes the stitcher through every step of each technique, showing you how to turn the corners, how to secure the threads, where to hold your stitches and what’s going on under your fingers while you’re holding them, where and how to start new threads, and so forth. These are the little details that set her books apart - she really covers everything and she doesn't leave you wondering.

...I probably don’t have to tell you this is a lovely book - you can see that for yourself! If you love whitework, drawn thread embroidery, or regional embroidery techniques from around the world, put this book on your list! It's a great project book and a great instructional book. Mary Corbet,

This is one of those "to die for" embroidery books. The pictures are gorgeous. The directions and photos are very clear. She makes it look easy. Sewobsessed

Excerpt: The techniques for this beautiful form of whitework are well illustrated and explained as always in Stanton's books with step-by step photos and written instructions. Best of all, all materials are easily obtainable and the projects cover a range from beginner to advanced so mastering this lovely form of whitework will be a snap for even a novice embroiderer. Another highly recommended book from Stanton. Lovely pictures, inspiring techniques and projects, clear and understandable instructions for the visual and the word focused learner -what more could any crafter ask? Highly recommended.
A McPherson, Utah

This is one of the finest books on whitework I have come across. It's a good guide with clear explanations and photos. If you are a beginner and not a very good stitcher, you may do well in starting with something more basic, but this is a super guide in this type of embroidery. Lots of ideas. Abby

I love this book firstly because I was impressed with this style of embroidery and secondly although boullion stich is well known, yet the way the patterns are put together makes the embroidery completely original! Yvette Stanton has detailed step-by-step instructions and a large pattern page! Be warned this book is not for the completely beginner in embroidery! Aria, Rhodes Island, Greece

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Reviews of Mountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature

Mountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature


I own Yvette's amazing book on Mountmellick. Her instructions are amazing as are her designs. I am working on adapting her amazing florals to a 16 x 16 inch cushion design right now. Her books really are lovely. Anastasia

Excerpt: The Instructions and Techniques sections go through each stitch with diagrams and photographs which are very clear and easy to understand and would prove useful to anyone wanting to learn basic stitches, as well as those who are interested in them specifically in the context of Mountmellick Embroidery. Samantha Packer, Workshop on the Web

I am fan of your book too. I have it and I think that the instructions and diagrams are explendid. I could easily reproduced some of the stitches following the instructions. Belém, Portugal

It's the complete package, no classes required: clear, precise instructions, beautiful patterns and a fascinating history. This book is truly a gem. JF, Australia

It's one of the most comprehensive embroidery books that I have ever bought. It is absolutely beautiful and so full of information. It will make it a lot easier for me to master Mountmellick. V, Tasmania Australia

Your instructions and diagrams are so easy to follow - even someone like me with no traditional embroidery experience and a huge aversion to french knots did a row of stitches which look like they are supposed to! JR, Canada

It is the best embroidery book that I have ever seen. MB, Sydney Australia

There are very few books about the Mountmellick technique, but this one provides the perfect introduction. Worked in a wide range of interesting stitches, such as cable plait stitch, long-armed feather stitch, Mountmellick stitch and Palestrina stitch, the stitches are clearly shown and there are easy to follow step-by-step instructions for the embroideries. Each project is graded from beginner to intermediate to advanced level and the accompanying outline designs, packaged in the back of the book, are actual size, so you won't have to enlarge them before use. There are also clear instructions for creating the knitted fringes that are such a feature of this technique. Stitch with the Embroiderers' Guild, UK

This book begins with a fascinating history of Mountmellick embroidery in which the authors share their discoveries and observations of historic examples of this technique found during their research. After outlining fabric and thread requirements there is a collection of all the stitches used to build up Mountmellick motifs with clear, detailed instructions on how to work each one. The projects are varied as Mountmellick can be used for many applications as it is robust and, being all white, can be hot washed. There are traditional projects such as doilies and mats as well as contemporary applications such as bolsters and lampshades. The book comes complete with full size pull out patterns for easy tracing of the larger designs and there are instructions on how to create the traditional knitted fringes that accompany Mountmellick work. It is the perfect place for beginners to start yet with plenty of detail and substantial designs for more experienced embroiderers. Mary Hickmott's New Stitches

Congratulations to Yvette Stanton and Prue Scott on their new publication Mountmellick Embroidery: Inspired by Nature. This book is a delight, visually and technically. These fine Australian embroiderers have given us an inspiring book with well designed, varied projects using clear concise instructions. Their Mountmellick history section is informative, their stitch guide practical and accurate. It is with much pleasure that I recommend this creative book to all dedicated Mountmellick embroiderers and to those who, at last, have a book to lead them into the fascinating world of Mountmellick. Deborah Love, Mountmellick Tutor, Embroiderers' Guild Queensland

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Reviews of Elegant Hardanger Embroidery

Elegant Hardanger Embroidery


Excerpt: An excellent book for everyone wanting to learn Hardanger. Also has tips to help the more expert... the projects are lovely, filling half of the 62 page book. I'm preparing to start two of them which is an indication of value of owning the book. There are some helpful sections when you have made mistakes with cutting and information about caring for your finished work, often not included with the instructions for the stitching. Joy Lodge

This is the book I now recommend be in every Hardanger stitcher's library, from the beginner to the advanced stitcher. With very clear instructions, diagrams and photos, it clearly and thoroughly describes each aspect of Hardanger embroidery. Plus the projects included are beautiful. Carol P, Hopkins MN

Your writing style and illustrations finally made everything come into focus and showed me that I don't have to feel like I am all thumbs when I am doing hardanger. This book will be my constant companion for at least the next two project and treasured reference thereafter. Marie H

I am really impressed with it. I knew there must be more to Hardanger than the simple Kloster blocks you see demonstrated on the web. I feel quite confident now to try a project, and I'm hoping I won’t need to refer back to your section on fixing mistakes! Monica

I also am very appreciative of the way you pointed out the path to common mistakes without talking down to the reader. I tend to be one of those stitchers who makes the mistakes without the skills to get out of the mistakes because almost all my instruction comes from the written word and diagrams. Thank-you again for giving me tools to increase my confidence. Marie Hewlett, Dallas TX

Received you wonderful book today. Turned to page 30 and got [how to turn a corner in double cable stitch] in a flash. Your directions were so easy to follow, I have now completed 8 corners in the double cable and they look great. I have [Janice Love's] Basics and Beyond as well but your book is so much better, it will be my bible for Hardanger and I can’t wait to share it with the other ladies as well as our teacher. Gail, QLD

Excerpt: Learn how to create the stitches, even the harder ones. Find professional hints and tips and how to fix mistakes... Fifteen exciting projects help you to explore the skills you have learned... Absolutely fabulous, I would recommend this book to anyone. Yvette Stanton is an embroidery teacher who puts her message across effectively. Karen Platt, UK

I've found your book to be so helpful with different stitches and stitching problems. In fact, I've used your book twice within the past week and it sits right next to my stitching area. The information section in the front of the book, along with the stitch diagrams/instructions are outstanding! The diagrams of the dos and don'ts for each stitch was great. I taught myself Hardanger from magazine instructions and didn't realize I'd also taught myself some bad habits. Your instructions and diagrams explain and show exactly why you should and shouldn't do something. Your instructions are well written, and easy to follow and understand. I really wish I'd found this book at the beginning of my hardanger learning curve. This embroidery book is really outstanding and I would recommend it to anyone interested in Hardanger - from beginner to experienced! Ruth, San Diego CA, USA

Something for every level of expertise. Roz Watnemo, Nordic Needle, ND, USA

I got your books: fantastically good! The Hardanger one is the best book on that topic that I've ever seen. The instructions are not only clear, with excellent graphics, but you also give a good view of how the stitches should look on the back, and shouldn't look! You also give an idea of how to tuck in ends, and move from one bit to the other. That's precisely what the student needs, and doesn't get in the other books. That chapter of instructions is really something special. J.O'L. Queensland, Australia

This carefully written book provides a clear guide to the elegant cutwork embroidery of Hardanger. The patient and methodical approach demanded by this style of embroidery is clearly reflected in the author's meticulous explanation of the techniques involved. The author very clearly explains the correct approach - even illustrating what the back of the work should look like if you have been stitching correctly. Ms Stanton also gives tips on how to fix mistakes - including how to replace a thread cut in error. The Record, July 2005, The Embroiderers' Guild NSW Inc.

This book has some nice projects for beginners and advanced, with clear illustrations for the needlework. The text does not overpower you and I like the step by step detail. Jan Yockey

I bought this book as a gift for a friend who is a relative beginner at Hardanger - she found it so useful and the instructions so clear that I bought a second copy for myself. In addition to the basic techniques there are helpful tips not found in other books plus some delightful projects. C. J. Kilby, France

A good book for beginners. Lots of easy projects with clear instructions. Have made most of the designs with good results. Ann

Very simply explained. Very clearly. Describes more than you will ever need! I would recommend this book for beginners and more advanced. Leonora

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Reviews of Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery: Merezhka Poltavska

Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery: Merezhka Poltavska


Excerpt: I was fascinated by drawn thread embroidery and the geometry in Ukrainian style. This book provides a step by step tutorial with both a clear drawing AND a clear photo of every step in the process so you can't fail. Brigitte Picart

I am currently working on Yvette's learning sampler (1) step by step and I can honestly say that I have never seen such wonderful instructions in my life. I appreciate both the graphical representation as well as the photographs. Sometimes a photo doesn't help me but the drawing does (and vice versa). I'm looking forward going through this book page by page!!!! Lisa

Excerpt: This is one of the best-illustrated books I’ve ever seen. All the stitches and all the designs are shown with both an illustration and a photo. I've never seen anyone do that before, but I have to say it's very effective, and makes each stitch quite clear ...I am very pleased to have this book in my collection and would absolutely recommend it to anyone interested in Hardanger or other drawn or pulled work. Sarah Danks, Springdale PA

I purchased one of your books, Ukrainian Drawn Thread Embroidery, quite a while ago and I'm only now looking at it. I must compliment you on your lovely creation. The pictures, the instructions, the patterns, all so clear and concise. I'm from Canada and for a long time I never realised how serious Australians were about their embroidery. This book proves that. I feel like purchasing your other books just to have the collection. Lisa, Canada

I was able to teach myself from the book using the learning sampler, and it worked out really well. Because I have never done any drawn thread work before, I thought I was going to be a drop-out before I even started! I'm pleased with the result and plan to do the next learning sampler in the book. YW, Sydney, Australia

Well it's here, and it's amazing. What a brilliant job you've done with it. And what people need is lots of diagrams, and that's exactly what you provide. Plus I love the projects. It's a magnificent book. J. O'L, Australia

This is one of the best-illustrated books I’ve ever seen. All the stitches and all the designs are shown with both an illustration and a photo. I’ve never seen anyone do that before, but I have to say it’s very effective, and makes each stitch quite clear. S.D, USA

The copy of the new book arrived yesterday and I just sat breathless on the couch for more than an hour... It is BEAUTIFUL - but I am Ukrainian so was prejudiced to begin with. W.C, USA

The book is really unusual in its clarity of instruction, the drawings, the thought. I was moved to tears in reading in your acknowledgements your thank you to the people of Poltava for their gift of the poltavs'ka merezhka. Congratulations to you on a job very well done. I was taught the merezhka that you have in your book by a lady who was born in the latter half of the nineteenth century - she went to the university before WWI. She was a master in all kinds of embroidery, knitting, crocheting and other techniques. She showed me how to do the poltavs'ka merezhka and your book is as if she were standing right behind you and telling what she did. Truly amazing! D.Horbachevsky, NY USA


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