inspiration and progress

Yesterday I spent much of my day designing tiny little pretty embroideries. They will be quick to do and make fantastic gifts.

The embroideries took on a life of their own and also formed themselves into something unexpected. Just like the motifs in “Portuguese Whitework: Bullion Embroidery from Guimarães” which as an after-thought formed [...]

Vaupel and Heilenbeck

In my travels around the internet the other day I was looking for linen banding. Linen banding is rarely available here in Australia, so I usually have to look further afield. I was delighted to find the German company Vaupel and Heilenbeck.

Vaupel and Heilenbeck are manufacturers of beautiful linen banding (they also do some [...]

fabric jaunt

On Sunday I taught a class for the NSW smockers guild. We did Mountmellick embroidery – they do things other than smocking! – and had a lovely time. It seemed they particularly enjoyed realising that the things they were learning in the class could be applied to other styles of embroidery. Of course!

Because [...]

class submissions complete

Yesterday morning I finished the stitching on the last of my very large batch of class submissions. Yay! I then had to photograph it and write up the notes to go with it. There was a class description, kit contents, my classroom requirements etc.

I’m not sure when I’ll be able to show you some [...]

Canberra class

Last weekend I spend the weekend in Canberra with a lovely group of women, teaching a Portuguese Whitework class for the ACT embroiderers’ guild. They were a delightful group of women, and highly accomplished stitchers. They made excellent progress with their hand towels, and worked to a very high standard. Thank you to everyone who [...]

eyestrain headaches

Since coming home from our trip to Italy, I have been extremely busy with sewing. I got stuck straight into a big new project, and then after the recent retreat I taught at, I’ve been stuck into stitching the new projects for next year’s retreat.

In all, I’ve been suddenly spending a lot more time [...]

Southern Highlands jaunt

Yesterday, after going to the earlier service at our church we drove down to the Southern Highlands. Arriving about lunch time, we decided that Bowral might be the best place to have some lunch.

You may know that some in our family have food issues, primarily dairy allergy and gluten intolerance. There are other foods [...]

my local environment

I shared this picture yesterday on the Vetty Creations Facebook page. Most mornings I go for a walk through this bushland park before I get stuck into my work for the day. I find that it helps to clear my mind and get the blood circulating through my body. The days when I do not [...]

Quilting in the Highlands

This weekend (and Monday and Tuesday) I will be teaching at Berrima Patchwork’s Quilting in the Highlands Retreat at Mittagong. Mittagong is in the Southern Highlands, south of Sydney. At this time of year, it is COLD down there. (Well, cold for us, not for people who regularly have snowy winters!)

I’m planning to stay [...]

Your questions about travelling light

Yesterday’s blog post prompted some questions from readers. I get the feeling some of you were a bit incredulous. That’s ok, we’ve experienced that incredulity before. We got the question, “Where are your bags?” a few times during our trip!

“May I ask whether you used a specific bag pattern, what fabric you used for [...]